Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Ryanair Win: Panorama FAIL

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Having had a day to mull over the Panorama (FAIL) expose of Ryanair I have a few comments.

  1. Was this the weakest ever episode of Panorama? [iPlayer UK]
  2. Michael O'Leary's responses (video) to being hounded outside his hotel are genius.
  3. Releasing 1.1 Million free seats online.  Did I mention genius?
  4. Great advert for Ryanair; on time, fewest lost bags, best customer service, cheapest fares, youngest fleet of aircraft and clear booking format.
  5. Which moron commissioned this debacle of an expose?
  6. Which moron having edited it together thought it was worth even showing?
  7. The journalist they hired for the job was just out of his depth, though he was given a hopeless assignment.
  8. The most startling revelation was...wait for it...expensive coffee and sandwiches....ground their aircraft now, revoke their air safety certificates!  I won't sleep tonight.
  9. All Ryanair's rivals are copying their tactics, what does this say?
  10. Panoroma will never top the Scientology expose (full episode).  The John Sweeney angry outburst (video) remains my favourite big of footage (aside form angry German kid) to this day.
As regular readers might know I am a closet fan of Ryanair and a frequent flyer with them - so much so I have a list of things you can expect, or not, from them.  It's not so much a "love" I have for them, more an appreciation.

At the end of the day they offer a service as advertised.  And for all people whining (usually over nothing) they are simply very very good at what they do.

So if you are one of these morons who bitches about Ryanair, kindly refrain from making noise from your mouths, waffling on about how "great" British Airways is - the same BA losing money from all orifices, the same BA that charged me exuberant amounts to visit my family for years until Ryanair opened a local, regular, never delayed, cheaper service to the same city in Europe.

Case closed.

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