Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Naked airport scanners

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Anyone else wondering quite how naked airport scanners will solve any problems?

Indeed, how will allowing some bearded chap to look at my testicles (really closely) aid in counter terrorism?

But alas today, trials began in Manchester airport, and have currently turned up 4 nuts and a collection of manginas.

Why this is pointless:
  1. Will a terrorist/drug smuggler etc conceal a [insert weapon of mass destruction of choosing] by selotaping it to their buttox?
  2. What about ingesting?  Semtex is tasty.
  3. Isn't airport "security" the last place you'd try to smuggle something through anyway?
  4. Wouldn't you just stick anything you wanted to get through in your carry on bag if you were to?  Checks are hit and miss as we all know.
  5. My penis has regularly been deemed an offensive weapon.  [Cheap gag].
  6. Who gets the job of looking at all the naked children?  Or is this now the best place to hide an improvised nuclear device?
I miss being able to just get on a plane without an arm reaching up my rectum to retrieve the bottle of Coke I'm trying to smuggle on.  But the drinks are pricey these days, so it's worth it.
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