Monday, 2 November 2009

Get iPhone on Orange (and Vodafone) from 10th November.

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The tech news today is the official launch date for the iPhone on Orange for UK customers has been announced as being the 10th November 2009.  This comes just a matter of weeks after it was revealed that the near monopoly with the 02 network would be ending.

Having played with other peoples iPhone's there is no denying that is is a step forward in mobile technology.  But as someone who also has a softspot for the excellent Blackberry, with all of its proven features, what should my next upgrade be?  My big fear is that I get a cool slick iPhone in a couple of weeks only to discover that everyone has one (in pink, yellow, blue and orange) and I look like an utter sheep.  Or perhaps this is the marketing genius of Apple products?

I have been scouring the internet almost looking for reasons to not get an iPhone, though most of the complaints seem to stem from the Apple hate mob, or those who haven't tried the iPhone 3GS - which is incidentally described as "outstanding".  Indeed most of the moans and groans seemed to be around the device being restricted to a network or pricing structures, things I imagine are largely out of Apple's hands knowing that Microsoft are regularly fined in Europe for anything anti-competitive.

I suppose I'll have to get me a fanboy...sticks and stones...
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