Saturday, 31 October 2009

Halloween in the UK, Britain and Ireland. We don't understand.


SDSU Sorority Girls in slutty Halloween costumesImage by San Diego Shooter via Flickr
Halloween in a funny affair in Britain, mainly because, we don't get it.

I live in a country where newspapers literally print full pages for people to cut out and stick in their windows saying they don't want trick or treaters.  This is a country that should someone choose to knock on a door, they damn well better not expect anything...and...what did you say....for free?

The true drawback is that it is a great opportunity for the street dwelling, great unwashed, to harass ordinary people whilst they relax in the evening.

They will arrive in their crappy £5 ASDA/Walmart costumes, chaperoned by a greasy parent more interested in peering through the window at your possessions than any enjoyment their gaggle of kids might get.  Indeed, it means that these "parents" don't have to buy them a bag of chips or warm up a pizza for dinner when they're home.

I think that the biggest gripe is also that Halloween is only adopted by the annoying types who you really want to see move out of your area.

Maybe its just us British being boring, or perhaps we can see through the hype....roll on Guy Fawkes nights.  Bah Humbug.

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