Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Coronation Street what a pile of steaming shit


Do you have shit soaps in your country?

I guarantee they're not half as bad as the UK.  (Australia aside, Neighbours and Home and Away, jeeeeeeeesus.)

I don't watch soaps, but I caught twenty minutes of the festering mess that Coronation Street is this evening.  Suffice to say I wanted to contract a swift terminal illness for a large chunk of that time.

Mind numbing, intellect sapping effluence.  Maybe that should be the advertising lure?

This pile of utter donkey fart apparently gets viewing figures in the millions - people actually tune in to watch this shite?  It's almost as bad as Xfactor, although it's not half as well acted or scripted.

I mean this is a show that has a DVD out for Christmas showcasing the bizarre exploits of a man who clearly has a learning difficulty, with him wife (who's actually a man) on holiday...in Romania. Give me a break.  You cannot make this shit up.

I often wonder whether I am in the Truman show and this is all just a great test of my patience with humanity.

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