Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Crap gadgets you can live without


50" TV - A clear demonstration of a man's right to a small penis.

iPhone - The key to celibacy is showing off your latest app to girls (ok, your sister).

Xbox 360 - Is a worthless piece of constantly breaking technology.  My two are now door stoppers.

Pager - I nearly fell over when I saw someone using one the other day. 

Microwave - If you want your food soggy and tasting of the plastic container it came in, look no further.

Clock radio with a CD/ipod player - How much pre-planning do you morons need for an alarm call?

Flying bug/helicopter things - great until you try to control them...they go up, no particular direction and then crash and break.  All for £30.

Wireless keyboards/mice - "oh the battery ran out...hum..." *fetches wired alternative.

Faux Leather car seat covers - Name says it all. (though not strictly a gadget)

Bluetooth Headset - How to look like an obnoxious fool with your mobile phone.

USB Cup Warmer - Liquid near electrics, great idea.

Anything adorned with the words "ideal gift", "father's day", "stocking filler" me a favour, donate the money towards supporting terrorism.

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