Friday, 9 October 2009

Obama Nobel Peace Prize Joke.

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Morgan Tsvangirai Oslo 2009 ACheated Again.
If there was further proof needed that the Nobel Peace Prize is more than a bit pointless, it came today with the announcement that Barack Obama wins the award.  Now, firstly I must point out that it's not Obama's fault he won, but for the love of your mom, how can Morgan Tsvangirai be overlooked?

This is a man who was beaten, persecuted and has suffered incredible hardships to try and bring some sort of stability to Zimbabwe.  This brave individual has tackled head on one of the most evil tyrants in the form of President Mugabe; a "man" who would sooner let his own people starve than have a fair election.  Morgan Tsvangirai is effectively a one man band trying to drag Africa out of the darkness of corruption and malign.  Are you watching South Africa? (Mugabe's best buddy Mbeke)

But then Obama has this year named his dog, done nothing about Iran and managed to mess up the only viable
US Senator Barack Obama campaigning in New Ham...News Anchor-Obama
healthcare option for America.  Oh and the successes in Iraq and Afghanistan are innumerable.  Worrying jokes aside he is a great statesman, I read his books with great interest, but as the old adage goes actions speak louder than words.  But then why would you care, what with the $1.4 million dollar prize he has pocketed this morning. 
Clearly one too many pear ciders were consumed whilst deliberating this year....
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