Thursday, 8 October 2009

Chav brand of the year: Pretty Green.

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Fresh from the break up of the band Oasis (again), Liam Gallagher is apparently now a fashion designer.  So,
from the faux cool to the faux fashion world he strides.  This is the same guy who for years wore a shabby "Parka" with ridiculous fluff around the edges.  The same guy who doesn't know what a haircut is.  The same guy who whenever you see you want to give him some spare change.

No I won't be buying any of this.  And the comments from his legions of Burberry cap wearing, Tenants Super swilling fans are laughable.  My favourite:

"I’m a big fan of great clothes and have been wearing Gio-Goi a lot but I think Pretty Green could be my new favorite clothing brand!" - Gio-Gio?  Are you joking??
So if you like frowning and still think its 1996 (the last time you were a hit)...then this is the "brand" for you.

Soon to be seen on the great unwashed throughout council estates across Britain...and probably on Kerry Katona.
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