Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Stephen Fry; A defence.

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Having just read this tosh printed by The Times, I'm provoked into a comment.  The article is desperate to have a dig at Stephen Fry, desperate.  So much so they stooped to digging out a ludicrous quote from Piers Morgan.

“I’d still be getting rather irritated by Mr Fry’s behaviour. I know many people find him endearing, clever and amusing. But I’m afraid I just find him an enduringly crashing bore suffering from delusions of intellectual grandeur and self-importance.” 

This is the universally despised, arrogant, self important, and let's not forget, complete scumbag Piers Morgan.  Delusions of intellectual grandeur...?  There's only one person suffering from this affliction.

Ordinarily I don't care for such "gossip" talk - but Fry is on TV alot owing to his popularity, style, presence and humour.  Piers Morgan isn't on TV (talent contests don't count!) at all because he's a complete baffoon.  How were those chat show ratings Mr. Morgan.  Painful reading no doubt.  Jeremy Clarkson should have kept on punching when he had the chance.

But the fact of the matter is that this is just utter fabricated rubbish printed by The Times.  Of course some people don't like Stephen Fry, and that's their choice, but please don't try and start some faux backlash, and certainly not with the voice of Piers Morgan.
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