Thursday, 17 September 2009

Videos in magazines = Waste of time.

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Oh dear, someone has had a very stupid ideaEmbedding videos into hard copy magazines?  How on earth did this slip through the quality control net?

The problems are plain and simple in my opinion, and someone should be hit with a stick, because to me they are obvious:

  1. I am not interested in watching Pepsi adverts - this is not a cool, exciting or innovative feature.  
  2. I can watch film/tv trailers on my terms on the web - I have no interest in seeing Ben Affleck's face any more than I have to.
  3. Will this move attract readers?  No - in a market that is already diluted this is a poor attempt to revive interest - I'm certainly not drawn to shiny things.  "ou some foil!" *scurries away.
  4. In an age of consumer "green/carbon" awareness - who was the dimwit that thought mass producing pointless tech waste into the pages of a mag was a good idea?  The recycling argument is pretty poor here because are you going to pull out pages?  This is a logistical nightmare and unmaintainable idea.
  5. The screen is embedded into a thicker (cardboard) page.  This page doesn't fold.  You can't get it into your pocket.  In the age of the iPOD - research and development FAIL.
  6. The company behind this also has tacky plans to branch into wedding albums...I think that's enough said about this business venture.
What do you think?
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