Monday, 7 September 2009

Michael Jackson. Nose all.


Having reflected on the bizarre way in which Michael Jackson died and the way in which the media managed this, I have come to the following conclusion:

  • It is amazing how easily people change their opinion based on nothing other than inane commentary.

I am neither here nor there on the subject - I found (find?) his music highly entertaining, but the man nothing short of bizarre. But then my opinion is also derived from media spin.

UK readers think of the whole Jade Goody scenario:
  1. Built up by the media as the example that anyone can become a celebrity following her appearance on Big Brother.
  2. Destroyed by the media for a thoughtless comment on the celebrity version of the show a few years down the line.
  3. Then hailed by the media as a woman of the people following her ultimately failed battle with cervical cancer.
It is a good test to talk to people, highlight this to them and see them struggle to give any kind of informed response as to what they actually think. All of their so called opinion is derived from the same media spawned slurry.

It is particularly interesting, going back to Michael Jackson, how pictures shown of the man can conjure up images that media agencies perhaps would want you to draw something from:

And the comparisons:

I find it strange as you discuss his death in general conversation as to how influential media is in building an image in your head.

Take the issue that many people regarded Michael Jackson as a paedophile.

The man was cleared of any charges, yet it very much carried around the kind of aura OJ Simpson's acquittal from murder charges did.

Whatever the case may be, it is quite odd, and it shouldn't be, to think of the possibility that he was just a normal run of the mill guy who was conspired against due to nothing other than being a vulnerable and easy target.

Alternatively he was a secretive, predatory paedophile for many years.

Ultimately, I think he just had a combination of physical and mental health problems - but then that probably wouldn't sell any newspapers.

In any case. It's all History now.

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