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How to get an easy hangover.


What's wrong with ordinary alcohol?
TEL AVIV, ISRAEL - JUNE 29:  Shot glasses of f...

A beer, a glass of wine or a standard spirit.

Which utter douchbag thought that "mixing" low grade vodka with bright colours was a good idea?

Which utter complete arsefart thought that "grape must" constituted a good time for girls? (Lambrini Pisswater)
The first rule of drinking Vodka Russian style...

What on earth is that stupid drink with golden floating bits inside?  Give me a break.

Thousands of years of brewing perfection to rid ourselves of the impurities and we go and make these shitty concoctions.  A Smirnoff Ice should not be anyone's favourite drink.

The other bizarre thing is that there are even sub brands within the market of shit drinks.  Take WKD - that's considered the "good" drink - where as VK (Vodka Kick you in the face) is the "crap" brand".

WKD Tower

Err, hang on they both taste like utter puke it's just that the former can afford those completely MINDNUMBINGLY UNFUNNY adverts.  You know those ones with the hilarious fat chavs being hilarious.  Great job WKD, great job.

{{en}}Red Bull Energy Drink, standard 250mL ca...Image via Wikipedia

And Vodka and Red Bull?  Are you KIDDING me?  The cheapest "filtered" (through my arse) vodka mixed with slime drawn from the devil's penis.

And then, the complaints the next morning.

"Oh my head, it must have been that greasy kebab."

No it wasn't.  It never is the kebab. It's the poison, mass produced,
No, really - I'm fine.
fluorescent drink you consumed 400 litres of, with its shiny bottle, sweet taste and Nazi marketing.

Next time you are at a bar and see someone buying one of these drinks thinking they are cool.  Do them a favour.

Punch them right in their stupid squirrel sized brains.

This video just about sums up the kind of people that consume these brands:

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