Friday, 30 April 2010

Blog: The UK election condensed.


1)  UK election date set for May 6th.

2)  David Cameron looks smug.

3)  Gordon Brown unveils a faux smile.

4)  Faux smile featured on Tory billboards.

5)  David Cameron rolls up sleeves.

6)  First ever live TV debates.

7)  Nick Clegg looks smug.

8)  Gordon Brown describes core vote as bigots

9)  David Cameron looks smug.

10)  Nick Robinson becomes most interviewed TV personality in history.

11)  Assassination attempt on Gordon Brown as car crashes into bus stop next to him.

12)  Did someone mention UKIP?

13)  Ethnic minorities (SNP and Claid...) whinge and moan.

14)  Parties do battle to out jargon each other.

15)  Dimbleby/Snow/Robinson prepare to unveil the new fuhrer, live and uninterupted.

16)  I send my postal vote.

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