Friday, 26 March 2010

Fuel Prices


Angry about the constant rise in petrol prices? Strange that.

I'm furious.

At a time when this country cannot buy a Mr. Whippy from an ice cream van our government decides to rape us once again at the pumps.

Thanks so much.

People wonder why no one is rioting about quite how shit things are, and they are SHIT....

I've figured it out, a Molotov Cocktail would probably set you back about £10 to comes to something when amateur terrorism is no longer viable on the grounds of poverty.

And if you wanted to drink/smoke yourself to death? Nah, too expensive as well.

In fact...I'm amazed isn't suicide taxable. Death tax anyone?

So Gordon and you I say: "Great job".

We will just sit, miserable, waiting until we receive the news through the telescreen that everything is better than it has ever been. We will make sure we are thankful, for fear of being locked up indefinitely...

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