Wednesday, 6 January 2010

I have not died.


I have not died.  This was the nasty rumour in circulation, that was both funny, and one that I may have myself started.  But enough is enough, my mom has had to cancel a horse drawn cart and flowers afterall.  Have some respect.

I apologise insincerely for my enforced absence, I've been to Belfast, Dublin and Berlin in the last few weeks and its meant that updates have took a beating.  Normal service has now resumed.

I must point you in the direction of something that's keeping me from masturbation and killing endangered species for fun (often at the same time).  Obscure Internet is a great site that will soon become a nailed on "daily" for you.  Don't forget to check out the forum there as well, where I am trying my best to post boobies and obscure gaming references wherever possible.

Video of the day:
It has to be this laid back crazy guy texting on the motorway whilst riding his motorbike. Unbelievable.

Game of the day:  Tribalwars
Holy shit what a great game.  I've lost about 63 years of my life, 8 girlfriends, 2 thaiboys and so much self esteem playing this game that I must share it.  Don't miss out on the awesomeness.

Forum post of the day:
You will have to cut me some slack here.  Because I've awarded it, shamelessly I may add, to myself.  This is because it's an awesome post detailing the most pathetic games anyone could admit to owning let alone playing.  It's so amazing I'm thinking of suing the forum for stealing my ideas.  Check out the greatest forum post in the world here.

Blog of the day:
The ever reliable C64Glen - particular highlights of late include the rewards that can be reaped from a secret santa demand being issued.

"So long gayboys."
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