Monday, 16 November 2009

Channel 4 3D Week


Channel 3's 3D week has a mixed line-up of shows - all of which require 3D glasses which can be picked up for free from Sainsbury's branches.

The shows on offer (don't get too excited):

Turns offs:
Paul O'Grady Show in 3D - No thank you.

The Queen in 3D - Worthy reproduction of her Coronation, but not an audience puller. Fail.

The Greatest Ever 3D Moments - A classic piece of rubbish television, no doubt fronted by nobodies talking about nothing of note...avoid.

Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus 3D Concert - Perhaps one for the kids, but surely catering to a big adult audience with a mainstream band would be a worthwhile investment of time. Kings of Leon, U2, Coldplay etc? This listing makes me want to burn my TV.

T4 In 3D - Imagine all those annoying presenters, their unfunny jokes, bad interviews in glorious 3D. Avoid this crap like the plague.

Worth Watching:
Derren Brown in 3D - Whilst he is whoring himself for every second of airtime these days, his show will probably be the most interesting and "original" from the Channel 4 3D line-up.

Flesh For Frankenstein in 3D - With a rating of just 5.6/10 on imdb, this isn't going to be a classic. However, this unusual adaptation should prove interesting enough for 90 minutes.

Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3D - This ranks at 5.1 on imbb so another very middle of the road horror offering from Channel 4 here. Still, there is a bit of interest around the whole series, and its 100 times more interesting that Paul O'Grady or the Queen in 3D...

Overall it seems like more than a let down - a 3D week is a great idea - but the fact is the programming is largely abysmal!!

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