Monday, 19 October 2009

Things more likely to happen than winning the lottery

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It's a sad fact that you are more likely to be hit by a fridge, marry a cat or get propositioned by Cheryl Cole than win the lottery.  The odds stack up at something around 1 in 14 million in the UK.  Here are a list of things that will happen to you long before you get the correct numbers:

  1. More likely to be struck down by flesh eating bacteria. 1 in a Million.
  2. To be bitten by a snake or a bee.  1 in 100,000.
  3. Struck dead by lighting?  1 in 10 million.  Darn it.
  4. Becoming an Astronaut.  13 million to 1.  Hmm.
  5. President of the USA.  10 million to 1.  Yes we can...
  6. You will be 1.5 Million years old.
  7. Killed in a plane crash?  About 1 in 10 Million.  
  8. My favourite.  If you drive to get your lottery ticket, you are twenty times more likely to die on the drive than to win.
In short.  Not an efficient way of making money!  Damn you probability, damn you do hell!
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