Saturday, 24 October 2009

Royal Mail Post Workers On Strike? Get back to work and deliver our mail!

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Hey all you morons on strike - yes you Royal Mail "worker" - who seem to think that striking gets the message across to your bosses.  Here's a secret:

It doesn't.

It makes ordinary life miserable for ordinary people relying on a service. People who as it happens, pay your wages, whether you like it or not.

Stop moaning. Stop skiving work. Stop standing around cliché oil drum fires posing for TV cameras and post some fecking letters.

Thousands of people would kill for a job right now, and you're bitching and moaning about a perfectly decent one? But then, you will know all about this soon enough when a private body comes, fires your lazy asses and actually does the job - probably much better.

This is a country trying to drag its arse out of a recession ffs, and we also have to endure your braindead ramblings on the TV about how hard done to you are - go to China etc if you want to see truly crap pay and limited poor workers rights.

Give me and the rest of the UK a break form your bullshit.

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