Thursday, 22 October 2009

The BNP British National Party Leader Nick Griffin Appearance on BBC Question Time.


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This should be a great piece of political television.  Indeed, in a country like the UK in which political coverage is dour and dull (think Andrew Marr and Jeremy Paxman), this you would think, will stand as a highlight of sorts.

But the BBC hosting the BNP leader Nick Griffin on the panel of guests will achieve nothing.  In fact, it will just be an hour of BNP bashing.  And whilst I am certainly no admirer of the British National Party, they will come out of this smelling better.

Free publicity for Mr. Griffin aside, we will see the worst type of whining, shouty, student angst ridden "out with the fascists" type of debate.  Griffin will be heckled into the building, no doubt booed and treated as a second class citizen throughout and inevitably targeted upon his exit.  I predict it will be the least democratic looking political debate of all time.  Which is completely perverse when you think about it.

And for a country so up in arms about not allowing this Nazi-esque party into power, it's extraordinary how many supposed opposers display the key traits themselves.  Every sane individual knows what the BNP are about, if the population at large is truly as concerned as the general media makes out then they will vote accordingly.  Voter apathy arguably is the problem, and showcases tonight pretty much stand to increase this further.

We will learn nothing we didn't already by the close of Question Time, and that's perhaps the sad bit.
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