Monday, 30 June 2008

The CD; remember those?


I have been harassing everybody I know recently about CDs. Fewer and fewer of us are using them; and no, this is not a post to encourage the re-adoption of the medium - after all, the digital form is much much more convenient all round. What I would say though, is that I can guarantee that you have a shelf somewhere with a stack of some of the greatest music you ever listened to. It is gathering dust, it is ignored, dormant.

Having moved house 6 months ago I literally threw my belongings into boxes, as is the done thing on the morning of "the move". I recently came across a cake tub of albums within one of the said boxes. I have since rediscovered music that I simply have not downloaded or looked at for what feels like a very long time. And yes, it sounds odd, but as soon as I placed the disks into the drive of my laptop I knew all of the words to the songs. What am I getting at here? The Internet, and damn I love it, makes it too easy to get hold of music, any genre, however many/few tracks that you want etc. What I only realised this week is that I no longer look forward to album releases, I do not savour hearing a great album for the first time.

It is all too easy to skip to the next track, different artist or "playlist" on the ipod. So this week, instead of skipping progressively through 4000 mp3's that I really only have for the sake of having, I've listened to a handful of albums, in full. It has been satisfying. They have tinkered along in the background, and whilst you probably will not appreciate this until you reach into the dusty corner of a cupboard, it has been a revelation.

Again, do not get me wrong here, it is a musical journey of questionable taste. I, like you probably have (or will do), been very surprised to find some utterly bad music in the cake tub. But skipping over the Best of Take That, I will instead list the artists that I subconsciously know all their songs word for word somehow, despite my complete disregard for them in recent times;

Radiohead - (OK Computer), Idlewild, Manic Street Preachers - (Everything Must Go), Travis - (The Man Who), Oasis - (Definately Maybe), Greenday - (Dookie), JJ72, New Found Glory, Garbage, Muse, Moby, Brand New, Badly Drawn Boy, Starsailor and REM.

So simply put, this is to encourage you to look on your shelves, delve into that box you have been meaning to sort out and recover the CDs you listened to when you had nothing better to do. I guarantee that you will have overlooked something utterly brilliant (perhaps just in your eyes) when downloading your "favourite" tracks for your iPOD. Nothing can quite beat finding that long lost track you loved, just never admit to your friends you were a closet Toni Braxton fan.

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